Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of The Magic Umbrella

Sherlock Holmes in the Adventure of the Magic Umbrella - Dan Andriacco I really enjoyed this short story. Ever since I read Conan Doyle's 'The Problem with Thor Bridge', in which this case was originally referred to I always wondered how this story would have played out if Sir Arthur ever had a stab at writing it. How a man can simply disappear by entering his house to collect his umbrella has fascinated me for a long time and along with the giant rat of Sumatra, it is one of the best known of Sherlock Holmes' unwritten cases.
Here Dan Andriacco (a brilliant name for an author) attempts to put this case to paper and does a brilliant job in the process. He mirrors Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writing style perfectly with the characters and the final outcome fitting in with the canon seamlessly.
I will definitely be seeking out more works from this author.