You and Who: Contact Has Been Made!: 1

You and Who: Contact Has Been Made - Volume One - J.R. Southall, Si Hunt, Wayne W. Whited, Anthony Zehetner, Steve Herbert, Grant Foxon, Paul Stuart Hayes, Anthony Townsend, Kate Du-Rose, Jo West, Tom Henry, Antony Wainer, James Gent, David O'Brien, Andrew Orton, Andrew Hickey, Michael Seely, Sam Hemming, Kevin Jon Davies You and Who: Contact Has Been Made is a collection of short essays made by fans of Doctor Who, with each essay covering a particular story in the show's long history. Whilst the writers are spread all over the globe and of varying ages, one common theme occurs on a regular basis - how a chance glimpse of a television show (invaryingly in their youth) eventually led to a life-long love for the programme (and for some a better or happier life).
This edition covers all of the stories in the recently dubbed 'classic' era, from it's inception in 1963 to its eventual demise in 1989. The TV movie and the new series are covered in volume two.
The book will be of interest to casual viewers (who have an interest in TV history) and hardened fans alike.