Tales from The Moonstone Inn

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These stories are all that remains from the hitherto unknown author, Francis W. Strapp. It is only through the diligence and determination of his descendants that this small section of his work has survived and finally been published, more than eighty years after they were first written. Whilst the stories are extremely entertaining and very well written, it is how engaging the characters are that instantly grabs hold of you, not letting you put the book down for one second. Perhaps they were based on people known to the author but unfortunately we will never know. Also of interest is a section which tries to gather the surviving information concerning the elusive author, a man every bit as intriguing as the stories he wrote. From the reasons behind his decision to start a new life in Australia, leaving his family behind, to his near death experience in a park in Sydney, it makes a fascinating read. I wholeheartedly recommend this book and can only hope that some more stories from this long forgotten author are stashed away by another relative, not knowing their worth.